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Dream BIG was founded upon ideals to restore equilibrium in the field of college admissions, unlock the potential hidden in our students, and guide them on the path that leads to an enviably successful career. Today, we feel proud to have proven our competence and success with thousands of college admissions and millions of dollars worth of scholarships we have provided to our students since the day we were founded and to be an international company that operates in more than twenty countries across the globe.

We always motivate our students to improve themselves further, encouraging them to be ahead of their peers. We help them to pursue their dreams and unlock their full academic and professional potential. As a team and a crowded family of professionals, our ultimate mission is to bring the passions, skills, values, and dreams of our students together in order to turn dreams into goals and goals into reality.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." In a world where conditions and indicators change at an unprecedented speed, time has proven Charles Darwin's wisdom right once more. Concordantly, we approach our students as the sophists of the new world and design our holistic services tailored to the needs of each student. We bring our students together with the most experienced and accomplished strategists and guide them on this journey of wisdom with the aim of bringing out the best aspects of them. We help them make the right choices and pave their way to the top by discovering their potential.

We are a big and multinational family, and we feel proud to count among our assets: our own academy, research institution, college and university web portal, over 400 tutors situated mainly in the US and graduated from the best universities in the world, our team of project mentors and expert counselors hailing from the most prestigious institutes and research centers such as CERN, MPG, INFN, CEA, and CNRS...

As a family that dreams and achieves big, drawing strength from our global mission and ultimate goal, we strive not only to prepare our students to achieve high scores in standardized tests but also to unlock their potential by removing the constraints imposed by the rules of conventional education. We enrich the minds of our students both intellectually and culturally so that they can contribute to their universities, and we train them as individuals who can adapt to change and to different communities as desired by the best universities around the world.

Studying Abroad, you can contact us for university counseling abroad. Why study abroad with Dream Big?

A quality, safe and successful overseas education journey with comprehensive support. You have many reasons to embark on this exciting journey that will shape your future with Dream Big.

Studying Abroad, you can contact us for university counseling abroad. Increase your chances of success by 8 times

The placement rate of our students, who prepare for the exam and application processes with Dream Big, in the first three university choices is 97 percent.

We proudly shared the great success of our students by receiving hundreds of acceptances and millions of dollars in scholarships from the top 50 universities in the world.

Studying Abroad, you can contact us for university counseling abroad. Feel the privilege with our expert staff

Dream Big employs instructors who are graduates of prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Columbia, LSE and Stanford.

Experienced strategists who have specialized in admissions at your dream university,

International academic project consultants who are experts in their fields,

It provides services to scholarship and financial planning experts.

Yurtdışında Üniversite Okumak, you can contact us for university counseling abroad. Get ahead in scholarship opportunities

We have provided our students with tens of millions of dollars in scholarships from the world's top 200 universities.

In the last two years alone, our students all over the world have received a total of 137 million dollars in scholarship opportunities.

In the last two years alone, our students in Turkey received a total of 15.2 million dollars in scholarships.

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