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A university experience abroad is undoubtedly the dream of many students around the world. It offers unique experiences with high academic achievements, cultural enrichment, international networking, internship or job opportunities in your field, scholarships offered by universities and outstanding campus facilities. University education abroad enriches your existing knowledge by introducing you to new perspectives, new technologies and new ideas with the advanced opportunities it offers. 

In overseas university applications, students' CVs are one of the most important parts of their applications. It is very important for students to participate in social responsibility projects, sports and art activities to strengthen their university applications abroad. In addition, students' participation in certificate programs suitable for the department they want is a very important step both for resume development and for measuring the student's desire for the department they want to apply for. 

In addition to all these, it is very important for students to participate in the summer school programs of their dream universities abroad. In this way, students have the chance to get references from the instructors of the summer school program they attend, see the campus life and conditions and get used to university life.

Every year, hundreds of our students continue their regular studies in order to be placed in the best universities in the world, and follow the Road Maps created specifically for our students together with their counselors in order to meet the requirements of the universities and to improve themselves in the fields they want to study. 

The requirements for the World's 50 Most Prestigious Universities are slightly different from other universities. These universities evaluate their prospective students not only according to their exam results and grade point averages, but also according to their personal development, past studies related to the department they want to study, high level courses taken, social skills, internships, volunteering activities and the results of international competitions. For more information about university applications and prices abroad, please continue reading our content or contact our counselors.

Requirements for University Education Abroad

1. Academic Achievement

Universities ranked high in international university rankings expect their students to have a strong profile in addition to their GPA. During applications, the first point that the admission committee pays attention to is the academic achievements of the students. MEB trascript grades, A Level grades, AP grades and IB scores are important for students who want to study abroad. The universities you can apply to vary according to your grade point average. Universities in the list of the world's top 50 universities expect a minimum graduation average of 85 and above out of 100. 

  • Transcript Grades
  • A Level Grades
  • AP Grades
  • IB Grades

2. Extra Activities and Hobbies

While countries may have different requirements for studying abroad, many universities pay attention to the social as well as academic success of the student. First of all, all international students are expected to have an advanced proficiency certificate in the language of the university, such as English, German, French, etc., depending on the country of application. In addition, the fact that students have done an internship in the department they want to apply for shows the universities how goal-oriented that student is.

Some programs based on special skills, such as architecture education abroad, may require a portfolio of work that students can present the work they have done so far. These studies are expected to present both hand and digital drawing examples of projects made using different materials such as charcoal, models.

3. Overseas University Examination Requirements

Students who want to study abroad in English must take one of the TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo exams and get a grade above the limit set by the university. 

French university students are required to take the DELF/DALF, German university students are required to take the TestDaF, Goethe, TELC exams to certify their qualifications.

In addition to language scores, universities that have adopted the American system also require students to take exams that measure academic success, such as the SAT or ACT. Students who want to apply to the best universities abroad should also take AP exams to support their applications. AP exams, Advanced Placement, allow students to take university entrance courses in the field of their choice. These courses can be counted as credits at the university. The exams you can take to study abroad are listed below.

  • SAT Exam
  • TOEFL Exam
  • IELTS Exam
  • ACT Exam
  • TestDaf Exam
  • Duolingo
  • DELF/DALF Exam

4. Athletes

Some of the top 50 universities in the rankings of the world's best universities recruit students to join their sports clubs. Especially in American universities, students get the chance to study for free with a sports scholarship. For a sports scholarship abroad, it is important to have a license in the field in which the student is interested or to present international achievements. Images, rankings and videos that can prove these achievements can also be requested by schools. 

How to Choose a University Abroad?

Many of our students who dream of studying abroad feel closer to a department or a country. Many factors such as the student's travel history, the educational background of family members, the success of the university or country in the field of interest, famous people they admire or a movie can affect students' preferences. Supporting the process of choosing a university abroad with coaching and identifying cities, universities and departments that suit the student's temperament increases the student's acceptance and educational success. Having detailed information about the countries and the opportunities offered after education, financial planning, detailed information about universities, summer schools or online courses from relevant universities will help you make the right university choice.

  • Department rankings and selection

It is important for candidates who want to study abroad to consider the overall world ranking of universities, as well as the departmental ranking of the field they want to apply for and the opportunities offered by the school for that department.

Although the world rankings change every year according to many different factors, in the US, the first place is usually between MIT and Harvard Universities.  While MIT ranks first in quantitative majors, Harvard comes out on top in verbal majors. Among UK universities, Oxford University ranks first in verbal majors, while Cambridge University ranks first in quantitative majors.

  • Academic Achievements

The academic achievements of universities are generally shaped around main factors such as the quality of scientific research, the ratio of the number of publications to the number of academic staff at the university, the employment rate of graduates, the international reputation and recognition, and the quality of education. World rankings of universities are based on these qualities. In addition to these, the budget allocated by the university for academic research, the contributions it makes and the awards it receives in this direction are also considered as indicators of academic success.

  • Collaborations with Brands

Universities cooperate with various national and international organizations in order to offer different opportunities in business life to students who need to do internships and those who will graduate. These partnerships improve students' performance both while they are studying at university and after graduation, and reduce their anxiety about the future. In addition, in some areas, these partnerships offer students the opportunity to turn their research into products.  At the same time, these collaborations offer these institutions and companies the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and facilities of the university in addition to its own potential.

You can benefit from Dream Big's all-round counseling service, discover the right schools, departments and countries for you, and earn up to 100% scholarships from the universities of your dreams. Dream Big's advisory board, mentors, former university admissions staff, strategists, extracurricular activity specialists, former national athlete advisors, internationally accredited coaches and trainers serve in many countries around the world to help students reach the right goal.


  • International University Alumni Associations

The main purpose of university alumni associations is to create a lasting bond between alumni and to strengthen relations between them. These associations also aim to keep the alumni's connection with the school alive. Through the job postings published by the associations, alumni can be informed about suitable career opportunities and expand their networks and relationships. Many universities in the United States, Canada and Europe have alumni associations, allowing alumni from various countries to stay in touch even after their student years.

  • Coaching - Temperament & Career

Coaching is about unleashing people's potential to maximize their own performance. Rather than teaching students, the focus is on helping them to know how they learn and to find the right way to learn. The person receiving coaching develops new skills and behaviors to achieve the goals they set themselves, but not because they are told or taught to do so, but because they come from within and discover them with the encouragement of the work in the coaching process.

In the student coaching program, there are many issues in the student's life that are related to academic life, such as career determination, exam stress, motivation, the right study program, self-discipline, and balancing social life and studies.

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World's Best Universities

Scholarship Opportunity

University of Toronto

0 likes Quality Score: 89


City: Toronto
ESL Offered: YES
Undergraduate Program: 141
Undergradute Fee: 61.350 CAD

Status: STATE

Scholarship Opportunity

ETH ZURICH – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

0 likes Quality Score: 93


City: Zürih
ESL Offered: NO
Undergraduate Program: 23
Undergradute Fee: 730 CHF

Master Program: 49
Status: STATE

Scholarship Opportunity

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

1 likes Quality Score: 100

United States

City: Cambridge
ESL Offered: NO
Undergraduate Program: 50
Undergradute Fee: 82.730 USD


Popular Universities

Scholarship Opportunity

City University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong

City: Kowloon
ESL Offered: YES
Lisans Programı: 88
Undergradute Fee: 145.000 HKD

Status: STATE

Scholarship Opportunity

Tongji University



City: Shanghai
ESL Offered: YES
Lisans Programı: 3
Undergradute Fee: 33.800 CNY

Status: STATE

Scholarship Opportunity

University of Turku



City: Turku
ESL Offered: YES
Lisans Programı: 2
Undergradute Fee: 10.000 EUR

Status: STATE

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