Study Destination Guide: Hamburg

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Study Destination Guide: Hamburg



Study Destination Guide: Hamburg

Located in Northern Germany, approximately 110 km from the Elbe River, Hamburg is a destination that stands out with its historical and cultural richness. The city offers visitors an enjoyable experience with its impressive examples of Gothic architecture, lively cultural scene, vibrant nightlife, and various events. Hamburg, one of the most visited destinations in Germany, is a very lively city in terms of student life. There are many universities and colleges in the city, offering students a wide range of education. Major institutions such as the University of Hamburg, Hamburg Technical University, and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences are among the options that students can choose from.

There are a variety of social events and opportunities for students in Hamburg. The city hosts rich cultural and artistic events. Museums, theaters, concert halls, and exhibitions provide students with artistic experiences. There are also many clubs, bars, and restaurants. The St. Pauli neighborhood in particular is a popular spot among students and is known for its lively nightlife.

Student Life in Hamburg

Hamburg offers suitable accommodation options for students. University campuses and student dormitories are ideal options to meet students' housing needs. In addition, the housing market in the city has a wide range, and it is possible to find affordable rental apartments for students. Hamburg is also very advantageous in terms of transportation. The city has an extensive and efficient public transportation network. Subways, trams, buses, and ferries allow students to move around the city easily and quickly.

Hamburg also has many resources, such as libraries, study spaces, and student clubs. Students can find suitable places to study and research. They also have the opportunity to participate in activities of different interests and expand their social networks through student clubs and associations. The city is a great place for student life with its rich educational opportunities, diverse social activities, and living conditions suitable for students. The dynamic atmosphere and cultural richness of the city offer students a pleasant experience both educationally and socially.

What are the Monthly Student Expenses in Hamburg?

The monthly expenses for a student in Hamburg can vary depending on lifestyle, accommodation options, and personal preferences. However, in general, average monthly expenses may include the following:

  • Accommodation: Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses for students. Prices vary depending on options such as student dormitories, shared apartments, or privately rented apartments. On average, the average monthly expenditure for accommodation can range between 400 and 800 Euros.
  • Food and Drink: In Hamburg, students can find a variety of food options according to their budget. With options such as student canteens, cheap restaurants, or home cooking, monthly food and beverage expenses can be between 150 and 300 Euros.
  • Transportation: Hamburg has a well-developed public transportation network. Students can reduce their transportation costs by purchasing a monthly public transportation subscription card. Monthly transportation expenses are usually around 50–80 Euros.
  • Entertainment and Social Activities: Hamburg has a variety of entertainment options. You may need to allocate an average of 100–200 Euros per month for cinema, theater, concerts, clubs, and other activities.
  • Education Expenses: Educational expenses such as books, course materials, and tuition fees also affect students' budgets. These expenses vary depending on the program and university.

Other expenses may vary depending on health insurance, cell phone bills, internet access, clothing, and personal needs. In general, the average monthly expenses for a student in Hamburg can be between 800 and 1200 Euros. However, these figures may vary depending on personal preferences and lifestyles.

Meet Hamburg's World-Famous Universities

There are many world-renowned universities in the city. Students can study at the university of their choice if they meet the appropriate conditions. What are these schools, and what are their characteristics? Here is information about some universities in Hamburg:

  • University of Hamburg: The University of Hamburg (Universität Hamburg) is one of the oldest and largest universities in Germany. It offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in various disciplines. The different faculties include social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, law, business, and natural sciences. The University of Hamburg is known for its research-oriented education and international collaborations.
  • Technical University of Hamburg: The Technical University of Hamburg (Technische Universität Hamburg) is a university specializing in engineering, science, management, and technology. It offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs. It has gained an international reputation in technology and engineering disciplines. The Technical University of Hamburg is characterized by industry collaborations and applied research projects.
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) is a university with a focus on vocational training. It offers programs that provide practical skills and prepare students for the world of work. There are bachelor's and master's degree programs in various fields such as engineering, design, media, business, social work, and health.
  • Hamburg University of Fine Arts: The Hamburg University of Fine Arts (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) is a major institution for art, design, and media. It offers programs in painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography, film, video, sound, and other artistic disciplines. It offers students the opportunity to develop their artistic talents in a creative environment.
  • Hamburg University of Music and Theater: The Hamburg University of Music and Theater (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg) is a university for music, theater, and dance. It offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in music, acting, musicals, dance, and other performance disciplines. Students have the opportunity to develop their talents and gain stage experience.

Did You Know These?

  • Hamburg is also known for being home to the Port of Hamburg, the second-largest container port in Europe.
  • One of the symbols of the city, the "Elbe Philharmonie Hall," is a modern concert hall that opened in 2017. At 110 meters high, this imposing structure is architecturally striking and features a viewing platform with panoramic views.
  • Hamburg is where the career of the famous Beatles began. In the 1960s, the Beatles played long-term concerts in Hamburg and gained stage experience here.
  • The city is full of waterways and canals and has been called the "Venice of Germany". 
  • Hamburg has a famous fish market called "Fischmarkt". Every Sunday morning, early in the morning, it turns into a lively event selling fresh seafood and other products. There are also live music performances.

Erasmus+ Program in Hamburg

Erasmus+ is an EU program to support education, training, youth, and sport in Europe, implemented by the European Commission and a small number of supporting organizations to provide financial support for activities that increase skills and employability among young people in Europe.

Since 2014, the Erasmus+ Programme has been the integrated version of the various education programs of the European Union implemented in the period 2007–2013, and the budget allocated by the European Union for Erasmus+ activities over a seven-year period is €14.7 billion.

The estimated number of European students benefiting from this program is over 4 million, and they can study, train, gain work experience, and take part in voluntary projects abroad under Erasmus+ EU grants.

The 2021–2027 program focuses on social inclusion, green and digital transitions, and promoting youth participation in democratic life, supporting the priorities and activities set out in the European Education Area, the Digital Education Action Plan, and the European Skills Agenda. The pan-European budget of the Erasmus+ Program for 2021–2027 is €28.4 billion.

How long does Erasmus+ Take?

Your stay in your destination country under the Erasmus+ program can last for a minimum of 2 months (or 1 academic semester or trimester) and a maximum of 12 months, depending on your purpose of departure.

What are the Requirements of the Erasmus+ Program?

The conditions that students who want to study under the Erasmus+ program must fulfill are as follows:

  • Have the language proficiency required for the Erasmus+ program
  • applying to a university that offers education within the parameters of the program
  • To have completed the first year of your undergraduate or graduate studies and to study in one of the departments of your university included in the Erasmus+ program
  • To have taken a total of 60 credits in one academic year
  • Not having participated in the Erasmus+ program before
  • To have an academic GPA of 4.00/2.20 (minimum) for undergraduate students, 4.00/2.50 (minimum) for master's students, and 4.00/3.00 (minimum) for doctoral students

Most Popular Erasmus+ Universities in Hamburg

Hamburg is home to many universities and is an important student center in Germany. Popular universities for students who want to come to Hamburg under the Erasmus program are as follows:

  • Universität Hamburg

  • Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH)

  • HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU)

  • Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Hamburg (HAW)

  • Bucerius Law School

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