A-Level Exam Strategies

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A-Level Exam Strategies

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As of the last week of April last year, we entered another A-Level spring-summer exam period. Your long-term efforts and academic studies have brought you to this point, and now it's time to put down on paper what you have learned. Whether you are studying with Pearson, Cambridge Assessment or Oxford AQA within the scope of the A-Level program, exam strategies are of great importance for success in A-Level and AS-Level exams, and some exam strategies can be useful in almost every exam. In this article, we wanted to touch upon some fundamental strategies that can benefit you in your exams.

Make Sure to Read the Exam Instructions

Before starting your exam, it is crucial to read the instructions given to you, understand the overall format of the exam, the number of questions you need to answer, and specific instructions given for certain questions. Otherwise, you might lose points that could be important for your grading during the assessment phase.

Use Your Time Wisely

Time is one of the most crucial elements of almost every type of exam. Considering the total number of questions asked and the total time given for you to answer these questions, it is essential to use your time efficiently. Keep track of the time, but do not get stressed by focusing on the remaining time and always maintain your calm. Remember to avoid spending too much time on a specific question.

Review Your Exam Paper

Before starting the exam and answering the questions, quickly review your exam paper to get a general idea about the questions asked and decide on your approach to each question. This way, you can identify questions that require a different strategy and plan your approach in advance. 

Make an Order of Importance

Start with questions that you always feel most comfortable answering and plan the distribution of the remaining time for other questions accordingly. This way, you can establish a rhythm while answering exam questions and ensure you secure the highest possible score for those questions.

Provide Logical Answers

Before writing your answers, organize your thoughts on paper. Once you've established your thought process, write your answers in a clear and logical manner, utilizing paragraphs and headings where appropriate. This way, the person evaluating your paper can easily follow your arguments and determine your score more easily.

Show How You Work and Reason

Especially when writing answers in exams for math and science subjects, always show how you approached the question, how you worked to solve it, and the reasoning behind your steps. Even if your final solution and result are incorrect, remember that you can still earn some points for following the correct method and using the right techniques.

Use the Correct Terms

To demonstrate your understanding of the topics covered in your classes and improve the clarity of your answers, pay attention to using subject-specific terms correctly and consistently throughout your answers.

Final Review

After completing your exam, take the time to review your answers and, if necessary, correct errors, address omissions, fix spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors, and improve any narrative inconsistencies. If you have enough time, make sure to thoroughly address the questions you've answered in all aspects.

Stay Calm and Focused

Stay calm and avoid getting anxious during the exam.  Take slow, deep breaths, maintain a positive attitude throughout your exam, and focus on the task at hand. If you come across a question that challenges you significantly, move on to the next one, and if time allows, try to revisit the difficult questions.

Create Your Emergency Plan

Don't forget to prepare a strategy for unforeseen challenges, such as the expiration of the given time or any other difficulties you may encounter. This strategy may include quickly writing down your opinions about the remaining questions or determining which sections of the questions you will answer first, or similar actions.

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